Alternative pathways in Hackney

What is an alternative pathway?

Educational study programmes offered by independent organisations to young people aged 14-19 are often called alternative provision or pathways. Programmes are designed to provide a different educational route which includes a wider curriculum, these can be tailored to suit individual needs and interests. Most have a strong vocational focus and can be good preparation for further vocational study or apprenticeships at 16.

Students aged 14-16 can attend either part or full time and for 16-19 year olds programmes will generally be full time and designed to help young people into a traineeship, apprenticeship or employment. All young people aged 16-19 are now required to be in education or employment with training.

The information outlined below aims to provide the guidance needed to make an informed choice.

The Alternative Pathways Directory

The directory includes a wide range of local providers and contains information on each provider with an overview of their provision, full contact details and a link to their website. Some providers offer programmes for 14-16 year olds, others programmes for 16-19 year olds, while a few offer both.

The majority of programmes listed in the directory for young people over 16 are traineeships or apprenticeships.

The directory is intended as a guide and we advise anyone intending to commission places or attend a programme to make their own checks and visits to ensure they are happy with the quality or relevance of the programmes provided.

New Regent's College

New Regent’s College is Hackney’s Pupil Referral Unit for primary and secondary aged pupils. In Key Stage 4 New Regent's College can assess a young person’s needs and source alternative pathway provision on your behalf.

Many year 10 and 11 will be educated on their Nile Street Site with the aim that all on-site Key Stage 4 students will achieve 7 GCSEs or their equivalent, including English and Maths. They also use a range of specialised providers of vocational education, many of which can be found in the Alternative Pathways directory. All offer small classes and intensive levels of support.

Find out more about New Regent’s College and the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). Contact Linda Quinn, Assistant Head, on 020 8985 6833 or

Quality assurance

All providers in the directory have been assessed on the quality of their provision. The type of quality assessment they receive will depend on the type of institution they are and the provision they offer. Quality ratings and marks are shown on each provider link. Read further information about quality ratings and marks.

This page was last modified on: 21 Jun 2024