Hackney schools

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Pupil benefits

Apply for free school meals, clothing grant and help with travel costs

Home learning and wellbeing resources

Resources and activities to support home learning and wellbeing


Public consultations relating to Hackney Schools

Child protection

What to do if you are concerned about a child's welfare, but remember you must always phone 999 in an emergency

Complaints procedure

Who to contact and what to do if you have a complaint about a school in Hackney

Supervised medication

Pupils who need to take their medicines in school must have written permission and instructions from their parent, guardian and/or GP

Children in care

Local authorities have a duty to promote the educational achievement of children in care


Every child is entitled to an education. Find out what the law says about school attendance and authorised or unauthorised absences

Holidays in term time

You can only take your child out of school during term time if you apply to the head teacher in advance and there are exceptional circumstances

Pupil records

A pupil's educational record includes their academic achievements, other skills and abilities, pupil reports, and communications from teachers or other LEA employees


Education services and resources available to Travellers in Hackney


Information about fixed term and permanent exclusions

Re-engagement Unit

This service provides support for children whose behaviour means they are having difficulty engaging with learning

Elective home education

Find out more about educating your child at home

Medical Needs Tuition Service

The Medical Needs Tuition Service provides one-to-one tuition to pupils in their home while they are unable to attend school

Language support

Advice and support to children, families and schools to help pupils who do not have English as their first language

Child employment

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that children are registered with the Local Authority and have a work permit

Educational visits

Information about the educational visits available for pupils in Hackney

Coronavirus advice

Advice for parents and carers on the spread of the coronavirus