Medical Needs Tuition Service

Covid 19 team update - May 2021

The Medical Needs Tuition Service continues to remotely work with children and young people with mental and physical health needs who are not able to attend school.

If you would like to discuss the needs of any individual child who cannot attend school due to physical or mental health needs please call the Medical Needs Tuition Service Coordinator, Juliette Harries on 07827 282 436. Additionally you can email

Hackney Medical Needs Tuition Service

The Medical Needs Tuition Service (MNTS) usually provides one-to-one tuition to pupils in their home, in a local library (or sometimes in school) while they are unable to attend school due to physical or mental health needs. Due to Covid 19 lessons are currently being given online.

The MNTS works in partnership with the pupil, parents/carers, the named person in the school and multidisciplinary professionals to provide a high quality core education for children with health needs. The service aims to provide the equivalent of full-time education, where the child’s health needs allow, focusing on English, Maths and Science. This is provided through a balanced combination of one to one tuition, homework and remote learning.

Referring a child to the service

The criteria for the provision of tuition due to medical needs are as follows:

  • the pupil is a resident of the London borough of Hackney (they may attend a school outside of Hackney)
  • the pupil is aged between 4 and 16; and
  • the pupil is temporarily absent (or due to be absent) for at least 15 consecutive school days (in a row) or absent (or due to be absent) for at least 15 days over the course of the current academic year - due to medical reasons, including mental and physical ill-health.

The referral must be supported by medical guidance from a Consultant level Doctor (not usually a GP) for physical health conditions or a CAMHS clinician for mental health needs.


Juliette Harries, Medical Needs Tuition Service Co-ordinator

07827 282 436
This page was last modified on: 7 May 2022