School place planning

Local authorities have a statutory duty to ensure there are a significant number of school places for pupils and that places are planned effectively. In Hackney, this is managed by Hackney Education, the Council’s education service.

Hackney Education has implemented a School Place Planning (SPP) Group to monitor school rolls, school roll projections and the financial health of schools, taking steps, where appropriate, to implement school organisation changes across the borough in consultation with other council departments.

School Organisation Plan (SOP)

Hackney Education’s School Organisation Plan (SOP) 2020 provides an overview of:

  • the educational provision on offer in Hackney
  • pupil numbers
  • projected demand for future years

We will publish an updated plan in Spring/Summer 2022, following consultation and adoption of Hackney Education's Sufficiency and Estate Strategy 2021.


School Place Planning Team

This page was last modified on: 24 Mar 2023