Travellers Education Service

The Travellers Education Service:

  • provides advice and support to schools about including pupils from Traveller families;
  • provides advice and support to Traveller families about school admission;
  • helps to track mobile families;
  • supports families with children out of school;
  • helps with early years admission, induction and inclusion;
  • helps with mid- admission and continuity, key stage and phase transfers;
  • supports outreach work between home and school;
  • helps parents to understand the education system;
  • helps parents to be involved in their children's education;
  • provides support to prevent exclusions;
  • supports and develops best practice to promotes inclusion and achievement;
  • monitors access;
  • supports special educational needs (SEN) entitlement and assessment;
  • supports access to extra curricular activities; and
  • provides mentoring at key stage 3 and 4 and advice on options at key stage 4.

Traveller communities in Hackney

  • Gypsies
  • Travellers of Irish Heritage
  • Eastern European Roma
  • Waterway Dwellers
  • Circus

Gypsies and Travellers from Irish backgrounds are considered racial groups under the Race Relations Act. The Travellers Education Service helps the council and schools to meet their legal requirements under current race equality legislation.

Who can use the service

  • Schools
  • Families
  • Pupils
  • Agencies

Further information and advice


Siobhan Ryan, Co-ordinator, Traveller Education Service

020 8820 7192 / 07917014318
This page was last modified on: 14 Jul 2023