2½ - 5-years

Move more and sit less

Helping your child to enjoy 3 hours of active play every day can help them to enjoy physical activity as they grow older.

Why is it important?

Physically active children are more likely to have better well-being, improved learning, motor development and bone strength. Physically active children have less risk of developing conditions such as obesity, heart conditions and diabetes.

Unfortunately only 9% of UK children aged 2-4 years are physically active for 3 hrs every day and Hackney has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the country.

UK physical activity guidelines state:

  • Children aged 1-2 years should spend at least 3 hours per day in a variety of physical activities, including active and outdoor play, spread across the day.
  • Children aged 3-4 years should spend at least 3 hours per day in a variety of physical activities to include at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity.

How can you help your child achieve 3 hours of active play every day?

  • Children love to copy their parents and caregivers. By showing them that you are enjoying physical activity then they are more likely enjoy it too!
  • Make moving fun, children will get out of breath doing activities they enjoy!
  • Visit the many free parks and green spaces in Hackney

First point of contact

If you are worried about your child’s physical skills or their activity levels please contact your health visitor or GP.

Local services and information

Hackney and City Health Visiting service
020 7683 4151 (9-5pm Monday–Friday)

Visit your local Children's Centre, leisure centre or library to find out about how you and your child can ‘move more and sit less’. If your child attends a childcare setting or a childminder ask them about their Physical Activity policy, including their access to physical activities outdoors, such as Forest School as well as indoor active play opportunities.

National resources

Outdoor Learning

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