Admissions arrangements

Admissions criteria by academic year

The admission arrangements for a school set out how a school will admit pupils. This includes the maximum number of students to be admitted for the relevant year group, the over subscription criteria and information on waiting lists.

The admissions arrangements for all schools must be determined 18 months in advance from September of the academic year to which they are relevant.


Any person or body, who considers that any maintained school or academy’s admission arrangements are unlawful, or not in compliance with the School Admissions Code, or relevant law relating to admissions, may make an objection to the Schools Adjudicator. In order for an objection to be valid you must provide your name and address.

Information about how to make an objection is available from the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA).

The closing date for objections was 15 May 2021.

Some schools in Hackney have specific admission criteria such as religious criteria. This requires a supplementary information form (SIF) to be completed.

The admissions arrangements and supplementary forms for individual primary and secondary schools in Hackney can be accessed below.


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