Admissions consultation

Consultation on school admission arrangements for the school year beginning September 2022

Please note that the consultation has now closed.

What is this consultation about?

We want to know what you think about the admission arrangements for schools in Hackney for the academic year starting in September 2022 and finishing in July 2023.

The proposed admission arrangements are available to read and download/print at the bottom of this page.

The admission arrangements outline:

  • how Hackney Education will manage applications for Reception, Year 7 and In Year admissions (the “schemes of coordination”);
  • the admission numbers for schools in Hackney (i.e. how many places each school will offer), and;
  • how schools decide which pupils obtain priority for school places (the “oversubscription criteria”).

When is the consultation?

The consultation is open from Monday 14 December 2020 until Sunday 24 January 2021. If you wish to submit your views, you must submit your response during this period.

Who is involved in the consultation?

The ‘admissions authority’ of each school must consult the following groups:

  • Parents of children between the ages of 2 and 18
  • Other persons in the area who have an interest in the proposed arrangements
  • All other admission authorities within the local area
  • The local authority (Hackney Education)
  • Any adjoining neighbouring local authorities
  • Any local faith organisation (if a faith school)

Hackney Education is the admission authority for all community schools in Hackney. For voluntary aided schools (religious schools) the admission authority is the governing body. For academies and free schools the academy trust (proprietor) is the admission authority.

What are the changes?

Community schools

Hackney Education is proposing the following changes to the admission arrangements for community schools;

  • To treat children who were previously in state care outside of England on an equal footing to those children looked after and previously looked after by a local authority in England
  • That in the case of children of crown servants, a private address (in addition to a unit or quartering address, which LAs are required to accept) can be used as the child’s home address to allocate a school place in advance of the family moving to the address but that no further advantage should be given to the children of Crown Servants
  • That the sibling rule for primary schools should no longer discount families who have moved nearer to the school, since the last child was offered a place, even if they live more than the current 0.75 miles distance threshold from the school following the move
  • That the published admission number, (the number of children to be admitted into a reception class each year), will be reduced in the schools listed below:
    • Harrington Hill - reducing from 60 to 30
    • Gayhurst - reducing from 75 to 60
    • Mandeville - reducing from 60 to 45
    • Randal Cremer - reducing from 60 to 45
    • Thomas Fairchild - reducing from 60 to 30

Hackney Education is also seeking your views on whether:

  • The current priority for children of teachers at community primary schools should be extended to include all staff employed by the school and also apply to community secondary schools
  • The School Admission Forum should cease to operate. There has been no requirement for a local authority to have a school admission forum for many years. However, Hackney’s school admission forum continued to meet as a non-statutory body. The reasons for proposing the cessation of the admission forum include:
    • the forum has become less effective in recent years as more schools have adopted admission arrangements that are compliant with the School Admissions Code
    • the vast majority of parents obtain a place at one of their preference schools
    • it has become evident that there is some duplication of work carried out by the admission forum which is also monitored by other groups within Hackney Education and the Council’s Scrutiny Committee.

There are no changes proposed to the schemes to co-ordinate Reception, Year 7 and In Year admissions, however comments will be accepted.

Voluntary aided schools and academies

The following voluntary aided schools/academies are proposing changes to their admission arrangements:

  • Cardinal Pole
    • changes to the definitions section and the Certificate of Catholic Practice
  • Clapton Girls’ Academy
    • no changes proposed but the school is required to consult as it has been 7 years since the last consultation
  • Hackney New School
    • to cease to operate banding and 10% selection based on aptitude in music
  • City of London Academy Shoreditch Park
    • 6th form criteria added
  • Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy
    • to cease to have a medical/social priority
    • to introduce a priority for up to 42 children on roll at Mossbourne Riverside Academy living closest to the school
  • Skinners’ Academy
    • no changes proposed but the school is required to consult as it has been 7 years since the last consultation
  • St Dominic’s
    • that the published admission number, (the number of children to be admitted into a reception class each year), will be reduced from 60 to 30

How do I give my feedback?

You can respond to the consultation via our online feedback form.

Comments about voluntary aided schools, academies and free schools can also be sent directly to the schools concerned.

If you wish to meet to discuss the proposed admission arrangements, please contact us at or telephone 020 8820 7577. Meetings will take place remotely via Google and accommodate a maximum of 10 per meeting.

For a paper copy of the arrangements please email or phone 020 8820 7000 (option 3).


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