Apricot Online

Pre and post 16 provision

Apricot Online is a trauma-informed education service working in partnership with schools and Local Authorities to create a blended education service of SEND and mental/medical health needs for children and young people.

Offering a very personalised education, Apricot Online teaches the national curriculum in most subjects from KS2 – KS5, as well as Entry Level and Functional Skills. They also offer a host of interactive subscriptions for students at no additional cost.

Apricot’s curriculum is delivered live online and is accessed through an interactive learning platform and dedicated online classrooms – so there are no travel costs. Students access lessons in their own safe physical environment (home/school/unit) using a computer, headset, and broadband connection.

All systems are securely encrypted and lessons are recorded for safeguarding and child protection so students feel safe and have fun while they are learning.

Apricot can teach according to your desired exam board specifications (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC/Eduqal).

Apricot’s teachers are experienced in delivering highly participatory lessons and are experienced in addressing complex needs, challenging behaviours, and compensating for gaps in education. They are experts in closing education gaps and catching students up with their classmates for ease of reintegration.

Student-led learning is a priority at Apricot and teachers are constantly differentiating, extending, and planning lessons based on individual students and within small groups (max 10/group). The teachers involve students in regular discussions of progression which keeps them concentrated, informed, and invested in their own learning. The rapid progress they are able to make with Apricot further motivates them.

Monitoring is robust. Student progress tracking reveals exactly where students require support and where they are strong and measures are made throughout each course of study and in regard to readiness to reintegrate.

Contact details

3 Sudeley View, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5NB
01242 604985


Quality Assurance (Pupil Referral Unit): Not applicable
DfE registered: Not applicable
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