Holiday playschemes

Summer holiday scheme

Description: Holiday scheme run by Hackney Education, providing various activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor play, games, free play, cooking, trips and much more

Age range: 4-12 years

When: Monday 26 July to Friday 20 August 2021

Location: Benthal Primary School, Benthal Road, Hackney, N16 7AU

Ofsted registered?: Yes

Cost: From £9 - £20 per day. £2 for every 5 minutes late collection. Proof of income support/income based job seeker’s allowance will be required to claim the concessionary rate.

For out of borough places please contact Anthony Greenidge on 020 8820 7517 or


Places are available to book online from Monday 12 July 2021. 

Important information

  • All parents must bring proof of their address and of their children’s date of birth to the first session
  • If you book a concessionary place please bring current evidence of receipt of income support or income based job seekers allowance to your first session
  • We do not give refunds on places that have been booked once the scheme has started, even if your child is unable to attend the session
  • A late fee of £2 for every 5 minutes is payable if you are late in collecting your child
  • The play scheme will take no responsibility for lost or damaged property including mobile phones. Hand-held computer games and other electrical equipment will not be allowed at the play scheme


Anthony Greenidge

This page was last modified on: 25 Jun 2021