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Introducing your baby to solid foods, also referred to as weaning or complementary feeding, starts when your baby is around 6 months old. At around 6 months your baby should be introduced to a varied diet, alongside their usual breast milk or first infant formula. This is also a good time to introduce a cup.

Why is it important?

The introduction of solid foods is recommended from around 6 months because:

  • Breastmilk (or infant formula) can provide all the energy and nutrients a baby needs until about 6 months of age
  • Babies' digestive systems and kidneys are not sufficiently developed until about 6 months
  • Early introduction of solid food may increase the risk of infection and illness
  • The swallowing reflex is not ready to cope with solid food before 6 months

Introducing a cup at around 6 months and stopping the bottle by 1 year has many benefits for your child, these include promoting their self-help skills, establishing healthy eating and drinking habits and reducing the risk of your baby having tooth decay.

Some signs that your baby may be ready for solid foods and drinking from a cup include

  • Sitting up unsupported and holding their head steady
  • Coordinating their eyes, hands and mouth to look at the food, pick it up and put it in their mouth
  • Moving food to the back of their mouth and swallowing it

First point of contact

Your health visitor can provide support and information on starting your baby on solid foods. You can also go to a Starting Solids Parent Workshop. These run regularly across the borough. Contact:

Best Start with HENRY service in City and Hackney

Local services and information

Healthy Start vouchers

If you are pregnant or have children under the age of 4, are receiving certain benefits or are under 18, you may be able to access the Healthy Start vouchers to purchase fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables and plain or formula milk. For more information drop in to your local Children's Centre and speak to reception staff, or speak to your midwife, health visitor.

National resources

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