Recipes for healthy and affordable food

Ideas for affordable meals

Providing healthy and affordable meals that everyone in the household will enjoy is challenging at any time. We know that with schools being closed, there is extra pressure on parents, carers and guardians to make sure that children have access to tasty food that is good for them.

The Alive N Kicking Family Healthy Lifestyle Programme, funded by Hackney Council, has provided tried and tested recipes that residents in Hackney can use and enjoy. We hope that these can provide helpful tips and ideas for lunches over this time, and beyond.

Recipe ideas

Keeping teeth healthy

When at home, it is also really important to think about maintaining healthy teeth. We need to try to reduce the amount of sugar that we eat and drink to avoid tooth decay. Dental experts recommend that:

  • We only have sweet food, including dried fruits or fruit juice, at mealtimes
  • We have 'safe snacks' that don't contain sugar in-between meals. Some good examples of safe snack ideas are fresh whole fruit and vegetables like a banana, an apple, or some carrot sticks
  • We stick to drinking only water and milk in-between meals

Alive N Kicking programme

If you would like more information on the Alive N Kicking programme, visit the Everyone Health website. This website also contains information about how families with children aged 5 – 19 years can join the service either online or by contacting 0203 314 4070.

This page was last modified on: 24 Oct 2020