Minik Kardes Community Nursery & Children's Centre

53-55 Balls Pond Road
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Nalan Cosar (Head of Centre)
020 7923 7226
School type
Children's Centres

Minik Kardes Community Nursery and Children's Centre, through well-planned opportunities, children are encouraged to play. Minik Kardes believes that through play, children learn about the world around them and begin to develop skills and concepts that they will need later on in their education.

Services offered during current Covid-19 emergency:

  • Childcare - open to all families. Contact the centre for more information
  • Breastfeeding support session - please refer to the centre's timetable
  • 27 Months Developmental Checks - for information contact centre
  • Rose vouchers - contact centre to arrange pick up
  • Breast feeding support- contact the centre for information and advice
  • Family support - contact Banu Aydinoglugil, Outreach Manager, 07918 045 614 and also see our Facebook page
  • Activities to do at home

For other activities and support services contact centre.

Activity timetables

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