Children and Family Hubs


Hackney Council is developing plans to bring together support for families, children and young people in a more joined-up way. 

New ‘Children and Family Hubs’ will offer help and support to families from conception up until age 19 (or 25 for young people with special educational needs and disabilities).

Professionals and services from across the Council - and from health, community and the voluntary sectors - will work together to provide high-quality, cohesive support for families.

This will make it easier for families to get the help they need at the right time.

Help us to develop the plans

We are looking for local people who use our services or who may do in the future. We'd like to know what your needs are and how the services and facilities we will be proposing will work best for you. 

We would like to hear from:

  • Parents/carers and families of young children aged 0-5
  • Parents/carers and families with children eligible for free early years entitlement
  • Parents/carers and families of school children aged 6-16
  • Parents/carers and families of older children aged 17-19
  • Parents/carers and families of children and young people with SEND of all ages
  • Fathers
  • Single parents
  • Working parents

We will also be reaching out directly to a range of different parent, carer and family groups.

Get involved

If you would like to be involved in developing these plans, you can register your interest:

This page was last modified on: 9 Jan 2023