Help with home to school travel

How it works

Your child can get help with tube and/or train fares if they live in Hackney.

  • Children will get a travel card each term
  • We will pay for the cheapest form of transport from home to school
  • You must live in Hackney to apply
  • If you have been income assessed you must re-apply every year to check that you still qualify
  • You can appeal if you are refused help with travel costs

Children may be entitled to free transport if:

  • they have special educational needs, disability or mobility problems with no school place near their home;
  • they cannot walk to school, even though it is within the normal walking distance of two miles (if aged 5 -7) or three miles (if aged 8 or over);
  • they cannot reasonably be expected to walk a particular route (for example through a park, cemetery or along a towpath) even though the school is within the normal walking distances;
  • they have special educational needs and attend a school where there are no arrangements for boarding at or near the school; or
  • their religion or belief means that the nearest suitable school is outside the distances.

Income assessed parents

Children may also be able to get free transport where they are either eligible for Free School Meals or have parents in receipt of their maximum level of Working Tax Credit, there are not three or more suitable nearer school places, and the school place is 2-6 miles from home.

Secondary school children attending a school on grounds of religion or belief may be able to get free transport where the school is more than two miles and less than 15 miles from home, and there is no suitable alternative school nearer home.

Disabled parents

We may provide free travel to school for primary school children if their parent has a disability that prevents them from taking them to school.

If you get transport assistance as part of your disability living allowance, your child is not entitled to free travel.

How to apply


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