0 - 6 months

Soon after the birth of your baby, around day 10 to 14, a Health Visitor will make contact to offer to meet you at home. This is an opportunity to review together how you and your infant are doing and ensure you have the support you need during these early weeks with your new baby.

COVID-19 update: Some of the appointments which are listed as face to face appointments may take place over the phone as a temporary measure.

Why is it important?

The new birth visit which is part of the Healthy Child programme is offered to all new parents by a health visitor (a qualified nurse who has undertaken additional training in public health and child welfare, 0-5 years).

This contact is an opportunity for you to talk about your experiences of parenthood, including your emotional health, your baby’s health and welfare and your family environment/social support.

Your health visitor will also provide you with information about services in the Hackney and City area, including Children Centres and family support services. They will also help you to agree a plan of support suitable for you and your baby (this may include additional contact(s) or access to other health services including well baby clinics).

First point of contact

The Health Visiting service works closely with midwifery services and GP practices to ensure that they can contact you 10 and 14 days after your baby’s birth. This service is offered to all children from birth until 5 years of age.

Local services and information

Useful Hackney and City Health Visiting web pages

National resources


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