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Hackney Education values

Hackney Education’s values define the way we do things in Hackney and is the approach that differentiates us from competitors and makes us successful.

Hackney Education expects all our staff to work in the following ways:

  • Child and learner focused: We keep their welfare and achievement at the centre of what we do.
  • Ambitious: We are aspirational. We are driven by positive measurable change and impact. We benchmark against the best.
  • Inclusive: We celebrate diversity. We respect, value and care for all.
  • Proud: We are proud of what we do and confident in our engagement with others.
  • Pioneering: We are innovative. We enable new solutions and ensure learning is at the centre of our work.
  • Open: We are honest and accountable. We listen, trust our partners and work together. We build strong relationships and empower our teams.
  • Proactive: We actively pursue opportunities and embrace all challenges with confidence and a positive attitude.

Our priorities 2022-25

Hackney Education is ambitious to support schools and settings, children and families. To facilitate our ongoing aims and continuous improvement, Hackney Education uses a 3 Year Improvement Plan approach.

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This page was last modified on: 30 Mar 2024