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Who we are

Hackney Education provides a range of statutory and traded services to support the education of children, young people and their families in the London Borough of Hackney. Hackney Education is part of the Children, Adults & Community Health (CACH) directorate within the Council and works closely with all types of schools and settings in the borough.

Over the last 17 years, Hackney schools have been on a transformational journey. We now have some of the very best state schools in country. We're proud of these improvements, and the impact they have had on our residents cannot be underestimated.

We are highly ambitious for Hackney’s children, young people and adult learners. Our fundamental purpose is to raise achievement and aspirations so that every child experiences success and is enabled to make a good start in life, regardless of where they live, where they go to school, or their family background. A key element of our success has been the maintenance of a strong and lasting partnership between all schools and the local authority.

Hackney Education provides a comprehensive offer of traded services to schools and settings both in and beyond Hackney which raises an annual revenue of more than £7m per annum.

We provide a broad range of services to schools across London and further afield. Our experts work across over 20 specialist service areas, ranging from Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management, Educational Psychology and IT. Our teams include ex-headteachers, curriculum specialists and school business experts.

The Hackney Schools Group Board

The Hackney Schools Group Board is a new, strategic and high profile advisory board designed to engage all Hackney schools in system improvement and be the practical manifestation of school system leadership. The Schools Group Board and its panels will give school leaders a voice at the highest level in how pedagogy, curriculum, professional development, and staff and pupil wellbeing, change and develop in the future.

We believe this is needed now to ensure that the educational professionalism, intellectual curiosity and desire to explore new approaches to teaching, learning and pupil welfare is the predominant driver of practice in the Hackney school system. We aim to enhance the reputation and influence of the Board through its extension to encompass independent external expertise and perspectives in the field of research and creativity in teaching, learning and child welfare.

The Board will guide and steer local improvement. First, through its focus on pedagogic practice, professional development, enquiry and research, and its ability to engender peer to peer collaboration across the schools system. Second, the Board’s unique role and position in relation to the Council’s education service and the existing school networks will provide the means through which it can steer improvement and promote participation. Conceived as a ‘think tank’, we hope the Board’s leadership, influence and impact will be felt through the intellectual and practical benefits to schools leadership, classroom practice and professional development, as well as working with new methods, tools and a sense of collegiate endeavour and professional pride across the system.

We think the Schools Group Board will become increasingly relevant to schools and school leaders as long standing relationships and partnerships have become strained and the holistic focus on school development, system improvement and children’s outcomes has becomes diluted. The measure of our success will be that Hackney is a place where all children want to learn and all staff want to work and develop professionally.

Our Vision

Our mission is to improve the life chances of every child, young person and learner in Hackney making Hackney the most forward looking education system in the UK, where schools, settings and partners provide an exciting environment which ensures inclusion and success for everyone. We see our borough as being one of the best places in the country for young people to grow, learn, develop and achieve – and one of the best places for colleagues to work and thrive in our education system.

We will:

  • provide the best possible support for our schools and settings, our children, young people and families;
  • encourage and challenge all Hackney schools and settings, individually and collectively, to develop or sustain exceptional education for all our young people;
  • champion the wellbeing and flourishing of all our Hackney children and young people, driving the shared work of all partners; and
  • promote our values in all aspects of our work.

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