7-27 months

Soon after your child’s second birthday you will be invited to a 27 month health and development review. This appointment is offered free to all children at around 27-30 months of age.

COVID-19 update - some of the appointments which are listed as face to face appointments may take place over the phone as a temporary measure.

Why is it important

The 27 month review is part of the Healthy Child programme and is offered to all children by a health visitor or community nursery nurse. Age 2 is an important time for your child’s development when they are beginning to talk, play alongside other children and interact more. You may also be getting used to separation from them for the first time if they have recently started, or are about to start in childcare.

Before the 27 Month Review you will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire about the things you have seen your child doing at home. Information from the questionnaire, knowledge of your child and the health professional’s expertise will help to get a good picture of your child’s health, behaviour and learning, including progress with developmental milestones. Toilet training, diet, sleep and physical activity will be included as well as a reminder of when the pre-school immunisations are due and why these are important.

If your child needs extra help, such as with learning to talk, early help can ensure that your child can start school, happy, healthy and ready to learn.

First point of contact

If your child lives in Hackney and regularly attends a Hackney nursery, Children’s Centre or playgroup they can benefit from having the review in their childcare setting. This is called an Integrated 27 Month Review and will involve your child’s key educator, a representative from the health visiting team and yourself.

Otherwise the review will be offered by the health visiting service either in your home or within a community health clinic. It is really important for your child to have this review so please make sure to request this if it has not been offered. You should either receive an invitation in the post or from your child's childcare setting.

Local services and information

Hackney and City Health Visiting service
020 7683 4151 (9-5pm Monday–Friday)

National resources


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