7-27 months

Talking and playing together is the best way to support your child’s language development.

Why is it important?

Young children learn best through play. Children learn to link words to objects, actions and concepts through their play. They also learn about sharing, interacting, and communicating with others.

Join your child playing with whatever they are interested in. Try and let your child lead the play but add in words and phrases to describe what they are doing. By doing this you will help your child learn hundreds of new words, new sentence structures and develop their knowledge of how the world works.

First point of contact

If you are concerned about your child’s communication or language skills then you can talk to your GP or health visitor. Alternatively, go along to one of Hackney’s Talking Walk-in sessions run by the speech and language therapy team. They will listen to your concerns and give you advice about how you can help your child.

Watch the film on their website to see what a Talking Walk-in Session is like.

Local services and information

Hackney and City Health Visiting service
020 7683 4151 (9-5pm Monday–Friday)

Your local children’s centre will have regular stay and play and music sessions which you can go to. These are a great way of meeting other parents, getting ideas for new play activities or learning some new songs.

For some top tips on promoting your child’s communication skills watch this short video.

Get hackney talking

National resources

These websites are a good place to start if you would like to learn more about promoting your baby’s communication through play and sharing books together:

Out and about ‘talk and play’ ideas


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