7-27 months

When your baby is between 8 to 10 months old, you will be offered a health and development review by a health visitor or community nursery nurse from the health visiting team. This will be an opportunity to talk about how your baby is developing and meeting their milestones and how you and your family are managing.

The health visiting service is now offering face to face appointments for all contacts and health reviews.

Why is it important?

During the 8-10 month review you will be encouraged to share day to day observations of your baby’s physical, social and emotional development helping you to review together how they are meeting their milestones. Getting early help for your baby, (including information, a plan of support or a referral) can support them to be happy and healthy. Information about local services, including how to register your child with a dentist will also be provided.

First point of contact

The 8-10 month developmental review which is part of the Healthy Child programme is offered to all children either in your home, GP surgery or in a community clinic by a health visitor or nursery nurse, both of whom are highly skilled and trained in the assessment of children of this age. You should receive an invitation by post.

Local services and information

National resources


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This page was last modified on: 17 Oct 2023