Apply for a place after the start of the school year

What are in-year admissions?

In-year admissions are applications made for school places at any time during the school year. We process applications on a two weekly cycle.

How to apply

  • Check the vacancy lists below to see if there is a vacancy at your chosen school
  • Complete the online form below to apply for a school place
  • If your child is currently on roll or just recently left a primary or secondary school in the UK you must get Part 2 of the form completed by the school

Current vacancies

Please note that these lists will be updated on a 2/3 weekly basis. If you are interested in a school that currently has places, you should bear in mind that the school may already have a waiting list and you will be competing for a place with other applicants.

Make an application

Please note, The Olive School is not part of Hackney Education in-year scheme. If you wish to apply for a place at this school, you should visit The Olive School website for more information and an application form.  

Complete the form to apply for a place after the school year. 

Further advice

If you require further advice, please contact the Admissions Team:

Information about Getters Talmud Torah School

If you require further advice, please contact the Admissions Team:


Admissions and Pupil Benefits Team

020 8820 7000
This page was last modified on: 2 Feb 2023