Apply for a place after the start of the school year

What are in-year admissions?

In-year admissions are applications made for school places at any time during the school year. We process applications on a three weekly cycle.

How to apply

  • Check the vacancy lists below to see if there is a vacancy at your chosen school
  • Complete the online form below to apply for a school place
  • If your child is currently on roll or just recently left a primary or secondary school in the UK you must get Part 2 of the form completed by the school
  • Send a copy of your child's passport or birth certificate and proof of your UK resident address (council tax bill and utility bill) to

Current vacancies

Please note that these lists will be updated on a 3/4 weekly basis. If you are interested in a school that currently has places, you should bear in mind that the school may already have a waiting list and you will be competing for a place with other applicants.

Make an application

Complete the online form to apply for a school place.

Further advice

If you require further advice, please contact the Admissions Team:

Information about Getters Talmud Torah School

Getters Talmud Torah School closed on 19 July 2018. This is because the Department of Education has removed them from their register of independent schools.

As the local education authority for Hackney children, we offer every child of school age (4-17 years old) a place at a local authority run school. These places would be in different schools depending on the availability of spaces in each year group and any special educational needs your child may have. If you require a place for your Hackney child please contact: or telephone 020 8820 7000, select option 3.

If you live in another borough, you should contact that local authority for information on places available.


Admissions and Pupil Benefits Team

020 8820 7000

Our office at Reading Lane (including the 2nd Floor Reception) is currently closed

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